Gold Slag Shed 24oz
Gold Slag Shed 24oz

Welding Curtains

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Applications include grinding shields, privacy dividers, dust and splash confinement, splash protection, climate control and welding enclosures and more.

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24oz. Gold "Slag-Shed" Neoprene Coated Fiberglass

100% fiberglass cloth coated on both sides with an acrylic coating for greater durability.  Handles up to 1,100 degrees F.  Heavy duty, designed specifically for welding curtains, shield and blankets.  
Medium duty, for welding blankets, screens and curtains, equipment covers.

Providing more abrasion resistance then the black slag shed, gold slag shed is a durable coated fiberglass welding blanket that reduces airborne fiber emissions while providing protection from molten slag generated during welding. Recommended to be used on a 45 deg angle these blankets are ideal for most welding applications. Color: Gold. 35 MIL thick.

18 oz. Aluminized Coated Fiberglass (1 side)

Used in situations where reflectivity is important, these welding blankets & curtains have excellent thermal characteristics. These blankets have a 4 MIL aluminized foil laminated with a fire-retardant thermoplastic adhesive to our 100% 18 oz. fiberglass. Ideal for heat reflectivity in curtains blankets and shields.

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