Vinyl Fabric Strips 12" X 15' for Reinforcing, Patching, Joining sections

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Strips or pieces of this extra vinyl fabric can be cut apart as needed to permanently join RV skirting sections together or to aid in customizing your skirting around steps,
hitches, or storage areas. Minor holes and tears can also easily be repaired in your vinyl RV skirting fabric with the extra vinyl fabric strips.  Approximately 15 square feet
of fabric in each roll. Fabric rolls are approximately 12 inches wide x 15 feet long.  Vinyl fabric strips require the purchase of the HH-66 Vinyl Cement to install.
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Roll size: 12 inches wide x 15 feet long roll

Using the HH66 vinyl joint/patch kit, ZIPPER SPLICES and HOOK AND LOOP SPLICES can also be glued to individual panels so the panels can be
separated if desired.

HH-66 vinyl cement is easily and quickly applied. This cement provides a fast drying and exceptionally strong
bond to all types of vinyl coated fabrics. It can also be used for sealing or waterproofing seams.
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