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An economical and easy way to skirt display tables, counter tops, storage shelves, cupboards, closets, and storage areas.   Fabric skirting panels can also be used to partition storage areas, create temporary privacy, and reduce noise.  We manufacture our fabric skirting panels from a heavy, 18 oz, polyester reinforced vinyl that is extremely durable and strong.   Our vinyl fabric is tear resistant and the edges will not fray.  It can easily be cleaned with mild cleaner like 409. Cad cut graphics can be applied to the vinyl fabric.

Two choices of skirting fasteners are available:  Snaps  (or)  2" hook and loop (Velcro).

Snap Fastener
Snap Fastener Top    Snap Fastener Bottom   Screw Stud

The male component (screw stud) of the snap fastener (shown above right) must be installed into the item you are skirting.  The female components of the snap fastener come pre-installed in the fabric skirting panel every 12".

Hook and Loop Fastener (Velcro)


The 2" wide, sticky back, hook component of the fastener must be installed on the item you are skirting, in a smooth, flat, clean location.  The 2" wide loop component of the fastener comes pre-sewn along the top of the fabric skirting panel.  Hook and loop fastener color is black.

We offer 27" and 29" high (3 sided) skirting panel kits for standard 4' x 30", 6' x 30", and 8' x 30" rectangular shaped display tables.
We also offer skirting panel kits for 6' and 8' diameter round display tables.

We also offer a wide selection of pre-sized skirting panels.
Panel height choices available are:  27", 29", 36", 42", 48", 54"
Panel length choices available are: 10', 15', 20', 25', 30', 35'

You must determine the correct panels sizes you need by accurately measuring your table, counter top. or storage area.  
You must determine the best location for mounting the fasteners onto the item or area you are skirting.  

Fabric color choices available are: White, Black, Gray, Blue, Green, Red,Tan

Select the appropriate fabric skirting panel height and length, the fabric color, and choice of fasteners then order below.

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