Shademaker Classic Bag Awning
Shademaker Classic Bag Awning

Shademaker Bag Awnings

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Current order lead time estimates on all Shademaker products is now 6-7 weeks.  Shademaker is finding it difficult to source certain aluminum components for their bag awnings.  We are therefore suspending sales of this product until Shademaker can reasonsably resolve their sourcing issues.  The normal delivery lead times have been extended due to mandatory reduction of factory work force due to the COVID-10 outbreak. We are monitoring this schedule and will update regularly.

ShadeMaker Classic or Supreme Self storing bag awnings 

ShadeMaker Classic or Supreme, self storing bag awnings for all pop up campers. 

The Classic awning has mill finish aluminium, round tubing for the 2 legs and rafters, with telescoping twist lock legs. 

The Supreme awning has anodized aluminium, 2 square tubing legs with locking levers and 2 square tube rafters, a patented fabric tensioning device not found on other awnings. There are two features which make the Supreme awning unique among bag awnings.  It is the only bag awning with tensioning rafter mechanisms.  A few awnings have lever locking legs, but don't be fooled. When you flip the lever on the Supreme awning, the previously supported awning's weight transfers to the handle. When you use the competitor's awning, you had better be holding onto the upper part of the awning leg with the other hand otherwise a bump of knowledge will ensue. Installs in less than an hour. 

Supreme awnings now available with XL hardware (select XL option) which allows for the front legs to angle back to the camper. Front legs straight down to the ground is the standard option (select standard option). 

The slot in the track along a camper roof is standard 1/4'' except for 3/8'' on some Coleman & Starcraft model years 1998 thru ?, If your mounting a Supreme awning on a Coleman that has the track on the curved area of the roof (select Coleman Modification required). (Not sure send us a picture of your roof & track area). To use your existing 3/8th track. Slide the awning into your track then drill a few 1/16th'' holes thru the track and into the bead and fasten with screws. DO NOT screw into the roof. Measure your track length to determine the awning size, i.e. 8'6 = 8' awning. 

An optional spring-loaded center rafter is available to help maintain fabric tension in larger awnings. We recommend using one for awnings 11 feet wide and wider. These were designed for use with ShadeMaker Bag Awnings (which have 84" projection) and may not be compatible for use with other brand awnings.

Shademaker Bag awnings for all pop up campers are made in the USA. 

FREE UPS ground shipping to USA continental locations

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