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Covered Sand Box

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Keeping your sand box clean and dry has always been a challenge.

Your sandbox gets put to the test every day by the sun, the rain, the cats, the leaves, and your kids.  Most people use heavy, cumbersome wooden covers, or cheap tarps that must be anchored down so they don't blow away.   We understand what is required to build a durable cover.  Using special twist lock fasteners, these sandbox covers will remain securely in place, through any season or weather.  

Twist Lock Fastener
twist lock fastener      

The male stud component of the twist lock fastener (shown above right) must be installed on the sandbox, in a solid location, with appropriate screws. (Screws are not provided. See your local hardware professional to determine the correct screw needed for your application). The female components of the twist lock fastener come pre-installed in the cover at approximately every 20" on all sides, requiring only a screwdriver to mount the "twist lock" stud fastener onto your sandbox frame.

Covers are available in two different fabric types.  

18oz polyester reinforced vinyl fabric.   Color: Black  Completely water and ice proof. Will not let water into the sandbox and will keep the sand dry.  Caution: Water will puddle in the middle of the solid vinyl tarp and may make the tarp difficult to remove.
15oz vinyl coated polyester mesh fabric.   Color: Black  Will allow water to flow through the fabric and will not keep the sand dry. Will keep debris from cats, trash, and tree leaves out of the sand. 

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