If you find yourself living in your RV year round and have noticed the chill in the air come November or December, you may consider installing exterior, vinyl skirting around your RV. This is not a difficult project to accomplish when you have all the materials and accessories needed from a supplier who has the experience and know how.

Vinyl skirting, when properly secured on your RV, will effectively reduce interior heat loss by up to 25% and will help stabilize your RV and minimize wind rocking.


Standard sized, heavy duty, RV skirting panels are ideal for year round use in harsh temperature climates where your RV may be exposed to hard, cold winds and where extreme, sub zero, temperature freezing is a potential problem. Recommended are skirting panels from a heavy, 18oz, polyester reinforced vinyl which is extremely durable and strong. The 18oz vinyl fabric is tear resistant and the edges will not fray. The vinyl panels can easily be cut and folded around steps, hitches, and pipes. Once installed, your RV skirting will last for many years. Put it on when you need it and remove it and store it away after it warms up.

If you are considering skirting your RV, here are some simple installation tips:

The height measured over the RV wheel axles should always be a consistent height to the ground, no matter where your RV is parked.

The rubber beading trim found on most RVs is usually mounted at a consistent height on all four sides and is a good, solid mounting point to consider for skirting.

Longer panels can be wrapped around corners to skirt both the sides and ends of your RV.

Use longer panel lengths when possible to minimize openings and reduce splicing.

Slideout skirts are generally mounted higher on the RV and may require a separate skirting panel.

Because of the rounded shape on the front nose of many RVs it is recommended to use twist lock fasteners on the nose skirting for more secure attachment.

To minimize wrinkling, it is recommended that you attach one fastener at a time as you work your way around your RV. Do not pre-drill all fastener holes.

Always cut the vinyl skirting fabric from around heat source areas like the furnace or hot water tank exhaust.

Do not drive or pull your RV with the skirting panels attached. Before traveling, remove the skirting panels from your RV and store them properly. 


Meets requirements of RV parks
Heavy weight fabric resists wind wear
Can easily be installed by one or two people
Improves the appearance of any RV or Travel Trailer
Helps stabilize your RV and minimize wind rocking
Helps winterize your RV
Easy to clean and store

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