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Protect your investment.  You would not spend $1000 to $6000 or more on a quality pool table and not protect it? 

We exclusively use the AQUALON EDGE fabric for our pool table covers.  A two-ply, polyester duck, double coated with a pigmented, vinyl resin on the topside.  The underside is coated with a durable, water resistant finish.  Aqualon Edge is resistant to mildew, abrasions, water penetration, ultraviolet rays, and a wide range of acid and alkaline liquids.  Aqualon Edge will protect your table from dust, debris, cats, and spilled drinks which can wreak havoc on a table's rails and cloth.   Excellent for outdoor protection.

Aqualon Edge is available in several attractive colors (see color chart) to match any decor.  Each cover is tailored to your table's dimensions for a snug fit.  Each cover easily slips on over your table and comes with a cinchable drawcord to secure the cover on.   

Best of all, you can now choose any size of pool table cover for the same low price of $179.00 each.

To order, first measure the outside dimensions (length and width) of your pool table and select the dimension from list below which is exact or slightly larger than your actual pool table dimension., select the color you would like, and then order.

Standard Pool Table Outside Dimensions
50" x 90"
52" x 92"
54" x 98"
56" x 100"
56" x 102"
57" x 103"
60" x 110"
61" x 111"
64" x 114"

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