Hay Stack Tarp
Hay Stack Tarp

Hay Stack Tarps

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Heavy reinforced, super tough, polyethylene fabric with 200 lb/inch tensil strength. Special UV treatment protection for long outdoor life.  
Silver/Grey UV resistant coating on the outside to reflect light and black on the inside to prevent the effect of green housing.  Reinforced rope hems
with grommets on all sides at 36" spacing.  500 lbs. strength in each tie down point.  2" web loops for pipe weights at 36" spacing on all sides.

Fabric is Polyethylene, 6.3oz per square yard, high density 1600 denier, 12x14 weave per inch, 12 mil thick.
Silver outside coating includes high ultraviolet inhibitors.

Expect 3-5 years of use from your hay tarp covers with proper care.

Please allow 1 week for delivery.  (limited quantities available)

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