Flexible Compartment Cargo Bulkhead

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Compartment Bulkhead for refrigerated cargo transport.

Low-cost cargo bulkhead enables consolidation of both chilled and frozen products in the same trailer.  This insulating, flexible, non-rigid bulkhead is a re-useable product that creates a temporary, moveable barrier, allowing shippers to ship both frozen and chilled products in the same refrigerated trailer.  Use the flexible bulkheads to divide the trailer into two or more compartments.  Simple installation with standard load locking bars (bars not included).  4" wide, double reinforced flaps on sides and top provide a tight seal to eliminate air movement.  New, improved design includes a 4" wide pocket sewn along the entire top width allowing for easier, more convenient installation of the vertical load locking bars.  Can easily be installed and removed by one person.   

Industrially fabricated. Fabric is a heavy,18oz polyester reinforced vinyl, (410 lbs x 410 lbs grab tensile strength, -40 degrees F cold crack rating, 180 degrees F high temp rating).

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The compartment bulkhead is used by a growing number of shippers to provide consolidated refrigerated freight service across the United States.

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