Fabric Repair Kit

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Fabric Repair Kit

FABRIC REPAIR KIT for all boat covers, canvas wall tents, family camp tents, tarps, covers, pop-up campers and much more.  Repair Kit includes 6oz container of BISH'S original Tear Mender adhesive, Quick Stitch sewing awl with two needles, 180 yards of  polyester thread, 6 inch utility cutting shears, 9 square feet of 10oz natural color cotton canvas fabric.  The repair kit also includes a sturdy canvas storage bag for easy carrying and storage.

ALL ITEMS included in the kit are shown. Be prepared in the field to efficiently repair damaged or torn tarps, covers, tents, saddles, harnesses, and many other items. Save yourself the wait and cost of professional repairs. Fabric repairs are simple to do!
HAND SEWING AWL -The Quick Stitcher can be used on light weight fabrics such as nylon or polyesters. It also works very well on heavier fabrics like leather, vinyl, and canvas. The Quick Stitcher makes a lock stitch just like an industrial sewing machine but is portable, inexpensive, and easy to use. Includes two different needle styles and easy to follow instructions.

THREAD - A spool of 180 extra yards of waxed, coarse, polyester thread is included. The waxed polyester thread is waterproof, UV resistant and ideal for repairs on all fabrics. Thread fits the Quick Stitcher Sewing Awl included with the kit.

TEAR MENDER FABRIC ADHESIVE - Use Tear Mender on any porous material such as canvas and the underside of leather. Tear Mender works great to repair rips, tears and snags on canvas tents, tarps, boat covers, popup campers, pants, jackets, sweaters, shirts and even shoes. It can be used to effectively seal stitched seams. Tear Mender is suitable for fabrics that have a woven, textured finish or will absorb the adhesive. Tear Mender dries mostly clear, is flexible, permanent, and is not water soluble. It is acid free and non toxic.

CANVAS - 9 square feet of 10oz natural color, cotton canvas.  Cut the fabric apart as needed for the correct size of patch for your repair.

CUTTING SHEARS - Highly precise, 6 inch, utility shears for cutting fabric, thread,and trimming edges. Razor sharp blades cut through any fabric or thread. Carbon Steel construction. Butterfly handles for left or right-handed cutting

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