Dump Truck Tarps

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Dump Truck Tarp applications: Secure your dump truck's contents with waterproof or non-waterproof, extra-strength protective tarp covers.

There is currently a 4-5 week delivery lead time on these products.  

  • 18oz waterproof PVC-coated polyester Colors:  Variety offered.  Waterproof and tough!
  • Gorilla Mesh tarps. Black, tightly woven polypropylene mesh provides some water shedding. This trampoline type fabric has unbelievable tear strength
Construction: 7'6" wide x your requested length. Typical sizing is the length of your truck bed plus 2'6". There is a pocket on one short end, PVC tarp-lined for extra strength and abrasion resistance. Grommets spaced approximately 36" apart on long sides.  Heavy, reinforced 4-ply binding on all mesh tarps and 3-ply hems on solid tarps

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