Containment Berm Tarps

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Containment Berm Tarp size
Containment berm tarps.  

These drive over, spill berms are used for preventing and controlling spills of water based liquids, containment for leaking tanks or machinery, brown water control for vehicle or truck washing, and storm water pollution prevention.  A standard sump pump can be used to direct the contained liquids to any holding tank.  Will allow users to comply with containment regulations.  Our containment tarps are fabricated using a durable 22oz per square/yd, polyester reinforced vinyl fabric with 5" high, foam filled walls.   Simply unfold your containment berm tarp and lay it out in your desired location.  Open the velcro closed pockets on the four sides and lay in the 48" long foam sections around the complete perimeter to complete the berm.  Fold the side pockets around the foam and secure with the velcro.   These containment berm tarps are not recommended for containing hazardous liquids, high purity cleaners such as methyl ethyl ketone or acetone, or any other harsh chemical or cleaning liquids.  Consult the manufacturer before ordering.

Free UPS ground shipping to any USA Continental location.
Containment berms are labor intensive to fabricate.  Please expect 3-4 weeks for production and delivery.

22oz reinforced PVC Liner
5" foam, low profile side wall design  
Hands free, drive in / drive out ability
Quick and easy to layout and insert the foam sections.

Resists oil & hydrocarbons
Fuels (Gasoline, diesel, jet, alcohol)
Chemicals, degreasers
Gray water materials
Hazardous liquids

Durable and economical
Long term containment solution

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