Commonly asked questions:

Why do I need to cover my air conditioner?

An air conditioner is an investment that will bring you years of cool comfort. Repeated beatings by the nature (ice, snow, sleet, salty sea air) and build-up of debris (leaves, twigs, pine needles, etc.) in and around your air conditioner can cause damage and inefficiencies.  By keeping your air conditioner clean and protected an air conditioner cover can save you money in a number of different ways. An A/C Cover will:

Extends the life of your air conditioner and keeps the cabinet looking new year after year after year

Increases the efficiency of your air conditioner – By keeping the condensing coil cleaner you allow it to run at peak efficiency, which not only improves the operation but also reduces your energy bills.

Decreases maintenance costs – a clean and protected air conditioner reduces maintenance costs and prepares your air conditioner for the upcoming season.

Why do I need a custom fitted air conditioner cover?

A custom fit A/C Cover will properly protect and fit your air conditioner like a glove. Generic covers will not protect your air conditioner properly and can lead to condensation build up which will facilitate rust and corrosion and degrade the quality of your air conditioner. If your air conditioner cover is not properly designed and constructed it won’t provide the protection that you’re paying for.

How does a properly fitted cover prevent and eliminate condensation build up in my air conditioner?

Much time has been spent with experts in the HVAC field designing the perfect air conditioner cover for every make and model. The precise amount of space must be left between the base of your air conditioner and the bottom of the cover to insure proper air flow for your air conditioner.

How do I clean by air conditioner cover?

Cleaning is easy—remove your air conditioner cover before turning on your air conditioning. Spray it down with a hose and wipe it off with a little vinyl cleaner and allow to dry completely before storing.

But I have heard that you're not supposed to cover your air conditioner?

A generic cover, plastic tarp, or garbage bag, will create condensation problems, leading to rust and corrosion, damaging your air conditioner. However, a properly designed, custom fitting A/C Cover will protect your air conditioner, increase your air conditioner’s efficiency and save you money for years.

Why can't I leave my air conditioner cover on all year round?

Your A/C Cover is specially designed to protect your air conditioner when the air conditioner is not in use. Using you’re A/C Cover while your air conditioning is running can lead to damage to your air conditioner.

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